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The very best promotion for online degrees comes from the multitudes of very satisfied graduates. They are very and eager to share the wonderful experience that they have had with online study programs. Here are a few examples of satisfied students.

Master’s of Electronic Commerce program.

“As the mother of small children, it was very easy and comfortable for me to study at my own pace and on my own time. I opted to study my master’s degree online since it seemed the easiest way to incorporate what I was learning into my professional career. The innovative technology and the flexibility of the program really captured my attention”

(Dolores Alatorre Jácome)

Master of Business Administration

“The program had an immediate impact on my job skills and performance. I was immediately able to use these new skills to complement my job performance. These new skills and ability to leverage MIS tools greatly facilitated my abilities to improve mission performance and output.”

(Charles, US Army Pacific Command)

Master of Education in Rehabilitation Counseling

“I have learned much about rehabilitation and about myself…bringing us together from different states, experiences, has taught me much.”

Master in Nutrition and Food Science with a Concentration in Hotel and Restaurant Management

“After working for 25 years in restaurant management, I decided it was time to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. I decided to teach hotel/restaurant management at the community college level. For that I needed a master’s degree. Distance learning program was just what I needed. The cost was reasonable, the delivery method quick, and I didn’t need any equipment that I didn’t already have. I finished my degree in a year, from the convenience of my living room. I was so excited about the program that I am now a full-time student working on my Ph.D.”

(Lyn, Florida)

Master of Accountancy

“The distance learning MAc program offers the opportunity to develop and enhance the skills needed to be a complete professional with the flexibility to maintain a demanding full-time job. The professors not only teach current course material, but also the application of the material in today’s business world. You will not find a group of people who will work harder to provide you with a quality education.”

(Chris, New York)

Graduate Engineering

“I was very pleased with the quality of the classes offered through the program. Each class I took provided practical applications I could use at work. The program staff responded quickly every time I needed help, and I felt like they knew me when I called.”

(Amber, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Owens Corning)

Student in the Master’s of Humanities program

“At age 74, beginning a master’s degree online represented for me an extraordinary change in education as I knew it. I don’t have to go to a classroom and there are no desks or blackboards! This is the greatest advantage of an online degree program: I “attend” my classes from my office, on my computer, and at any time of day.”

(Salvador Silveyra Flores)

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