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It’s one thing to realize you have the potential to succeed. Quite another to take full advantage of that potential.

Sonoma College is a nationally-accredited onsite and online college offering degree and certificate programs in Allied Health and Homeland Security.

We offer programs that can be completed in two years or less: affordably and with few academic prerequisites.

A college degree or professional certificate is an invaluable credential in today’s competitive workplace. But for many working adults, current job and family responsibilities often present obstacles to obtaining those degrees and certificates.

Sonoma College offers courses of study in the fields of Allied Health and Homeland Security. All of our programs are designed to be completed within a specific period of time. However, students have the freeedom to work at their own pace. A student may request an extension if necessary, or complete the program requirements in a shorter period of time.

Whether you are starting a new career, re-training, changing careers or upgrading your skills, the programs at Sonoma College can help prepare you to meet your employment and self-employment goals