liberal arts

Liberal Arts Degrees

andrewjackson Associate of Science in Communication
andrewjackson B.A. in Communication
ashford B.A. in Org. Mgmt./Communications
ashford B.A. in Org. Mgmt./History
ashford B.A. in Org. Mgmt./Lib. Studies
ashford B.A. in Org. Mgmt./Political Science
atsu Master of Human Movement
axia A.A. in General Studies
bostonu Bachelor of Liberal Studies inInterdisciplinary Studies
cityuniversity A.S. in General Studies
cityuniversity B.S. in General Studies
collegenetwork A.S. in General Studies
denver B.A. in Communication Arts
denver B.A. in Global Studies
denver B.A. in Ldrshp. & Org. Studies
denver B.A. in Public Policy & Soc. Serv.
denver B.A. in Science & Technology
ellisnew A.A.S. – Communication Arts
fielding MA, Organization Management andDevelopment
gonzaga M.A. in Comm. & Ldrshp. Studies
indianabusiness A.A.S./Office Administration
indianabusiness A.A.S./Project Administration
libertyuniversity M.A. Worship Studies
libertyuniversity M.A. in Christian Leadership
libertyuniversity M.A. in Evangelism and Church Growth
libertyuniversity Master of Arts in Religion
libertyuniversity Master of Divinity
libertyuniversity Doctor of Ministry
minnesotabusiness A.A.S. Cosmetology Business
minnesotabusiness A.A.S. Transportation Business
nationalamerican Associate in General Studies
nationaluniversity Associate of Arts
nationaluniversity Bachelor of Arts English
nationaluniversity Bachelor of Arts Global Studies
nationaluniversity Master of Fine Arts Creative Writing
nbc B.A. in Ministry/Bible and TheologyMajor
nbc B.A. in Ministry/Christian EducationalMinistries Major
nbc B.A. in Ministry/Christian SchoolsEducation Major
nbc B.A. in Ministry/Pastoral MinistriesMajor
newenglandcollege M.S. in Management – Project ManagementConcentration
newenglandcollege M.S. in Management – Strategic LeadershipConcentration (MSSL)
norwich M.A. in Diplomacy
norwich M.A. in Military History
norwich Master of Science in OrganizationalLeadership
phoenix A.A. in General Studies
southernnewhampshire A.A. in Liberal Arts
southernnewhampshire B.A. in English Language and Literature
southernnewhampshire B.A. in Social Science
stleo A.A. in Liberal Arts
strayer A.A. in General Studies
umuc B.A. in Communication Studies
umuc B.A. in English
umuc B.A. in History
umuc B.A. in Humanities
wiu Associate of Arts
wiu B.A. in Behavioral Science