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A Productive and Exciting Way to Learn

Unlike traditional classroom experiences, Kaplan University focuses on adding a human touch to the high technology of learning online. We are committed to providing you the personal attention and academic support when you need it. The flexibility and dynamic interaction of online education at Kaplan University also allows for innovative learning opportunities. Here are some of the highlights:

– Online Quizzes -Many classes have a quiz at the end of each lesson, which provides you with instant feedback on what you’ve learned.

– Message Boards-Each week’s lesson includes interaction between students and their instructors on our message boards. This provides the chance to expand your learning through discussions or get advice from a professor or class peers.

– Web Field Trips-Students conduct research using various Internet research sites and are asked to take notes in their online learning journals for discussion later.

– Seminars-Students participate in interactive seminar sessions with their classmates and instructor. The seminars help create a significant and enriching exchange within students’ online learning experience.

Learn From Instructors With Real-World Experience

Our programs are taught by practicing professionals. Because they work in the field they teach, you will acquire the most current knowledge and skills. That’s an important benefit when it comes to the modern workplace, where the landscape is constantly evolving.

Take Advantage of Our Library’s Vast Resources

Kaplan University offers students a full complement of library services through its relationship with UAH Salmon Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama. The UAH Salmon Library is a fully appointed university library with a collection of 326,000 volumes along with collections of U.S. government documents, materials in microform and microfiche, and manuscript collections. The library currently receives over 14,000 periodicals.

The library’s catalog is available online, and students can easily access a description of any item in the collection. Library books can then be delivered physically to borrowers; articles and excerpts can be scanned and delivered electronically. In addition to its catalog, the library offers access to 13,000 e-journals.

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