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  • Administrative Degrees – Earn an administration degree with a focus in business, criminal justice, healthcare management, human resources, legal/paralegal and many other specialized areas and begin earning more today. If you are tired of a dead-end job, earning a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in administration can advance your career.

  • Architectural Studies Degrees – Are looking for a better paying job or want to prepare for graduate school in an architecture program? Here you will find training for all architectural fields such as architectural history, urban planning, historic preservation, or construction management.

  • Art and Design Degrees

  • Business Degrees – Earn a degree in business management and administration covering disciplines such as accounting, marketing, management, human resources and information technology administrators. You can develop your own specialized business degree plan today.

  • Culinary Degrees

  • Holistic/Alternative Medicine Degrees

  • Interior Design Degrees

  • Legal Degrees – If a degree in criminal justice interests you, this is the place for you. We offer multiple accredited and respected universities where you can earn a criminal justice degree in 2 years or less. We also offer courses that will help you train and begin a high-paying career as a paralegal.

  • Liberal Studies Degrees – Earn a degree in liberal arts or general studies to advance your career opportunities. An online liberal studies degree is very flexible and wide-ranging, allowing you to use your degree to pursue almost any career.

  • Media and Visual Communication Degrees

  • Medical and Dental Degrees – If you enjoy helping people, earning a medical degree online can be one of the most rewarding decisions you have ever made. You can earn a degree in healthcare management, nutrition, learn to be a medical assistant or even take massage therapy classes online.

  • Nursing Degrees – Earn your LPN, RN or BSN license online and earn more! Take nursing classes online in your spare time, and increase your value in the workforce. You can earn a LPN license in as little as 12 months, or go from LPN to RN or RN to BSN online.

  • Tech Degrees

  • Tech Certifications Degrees

  • Web Design Degrees – You can earn a degree in visual communications, a graphic design degree, multimedia & web design certification and computer science degrees all online through our accredited university partners. The IT boom is just beginning, begin earning your degree so that you can demand the high paying IT jobs that are being created every day.