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In the late 1970s Lloyd Clayton, Jr., N.D., who had recovered his own health through natural healing, established an eco-friendly herb company. Soon, his new company was inundated by customer inquiries regarding herbs and how to use them.

Delighted to discover such strong worldwide interest in natural health, he and his family members created two distance learning colleges in 1980: The Clayton School of Natural Healing and American Holistic College of Nutrition.

The two schools came together in 1997 as Clayton College of Natural Health and now offers college degree programs in traditional naturopathy, natural health and holistic nutrition, as well as continuing education for graduates, certificate programs in iridology studies, companion animal studies, and healthcare professional studies. Concentration programs are available in herbology and and nutrition and lifestyles.

In 1997, Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D., a world-renowned nutrition and natural health researcher, joined CCNH and directed a landmark study of the relative health of its traditional naturopathy graduates. Dr. Cheraskin�s results indicate that Clayton College graduates do indeed “Practice What We teach” by choosing healthier lifestyles – from weight and stress management to nutritional supplementation and all-natural detoxification. Cheraskin was a testament to natural health – he was still writing scholarly papers for CCNH until his death at age 85.

Today’s CCNH student body continues to evolve, embracing the diverse mix of newcomers to natural health learning as well as those who have made it their life’s work. Many students enroll with CCNH after managing their own health problems with natural approaches and, in the process, become passionate to keep learning and share their knowledge with others. With consumer interest in natural health growing exponentially, Clayton College empowers its students to teach others how to integrate time-honored natural wisdom into modern life.

What began almost 25 years ago as a small, family-owned herb company has grown into the world’s leading college of natural health. Our thousands of graduates continue to help the world become healthier.

Traditional naturopaths and holistic nutrition consultants are seeing people become more attuned to the mind-body-spirit connection as they seek, and achieve, optimal health. A growing number of allopathic physicians accept the use of alternative approaches to good health.

As the world searches for natural and safe health alternatives, Clayton College invites you to join us in proclaiming a simple truth: the body is innately designed to heal itself.