Business Programs

ai B.S. in Advertising
aiu A.A. in Business Administration
aiu A.A.B.A. – Criminal Justice Admin.
aiu A.A.B.A. – Health Care Administration
aiu A.A.B.A. in Information Systems
aiu Bachelor’s in Business Administration
aiu B.B.A. in Accounting & Finance
aiu B.B.A. in Health Care Management
aiu B.B.A. in Human Resources
aiu B.B.A. in Marketing
aiu B.B.A. in Operations Management
aiu B.B.A. in Project Management
aiu Master in Business Administration
aiu MBA in Healthcare Management
aiu MBA in Marketing
aiu MBA in Operations Management
aiu MBA in Project Management
americansentinel B.S. in Mgmt. Info. Systems
americansentinel Accelerated MBA
americansentinel Executive MBA
americansentinel eMBA Customer Relationship Mgmt.
americansentinel eMBA International Option
americansentinel eMBA Supply Chain Management
andrewjackson Associate of Science in Business
andrewjackson B.S. in Business/General Business
andrewjackson B.S. in Business/Management &Leadership;
andrewjackson B.S. in Business/Sales Management
andrewjackson MBA, concentration in Finance
andrewjackson MBA, concentration in Health ServicesManagement
andrewjackson MBA, concentration in Human ResourceManagement
andrewjackson MBA, concentration in Management
andrewjackson MBA, concentration in Marketing
anthem Associate in Business Management
ashford B.A. in Org. Mgmt./Business
axia A.A. in Accounting
axia A.A. in Business
baker Bachelor of Business Administration
baker B.B.A. in Human Resource Mgmt.
baker B.B.A. in Management
baker B.B.A. in Marketing
baker Bachelor of Computer Info. Systems
baker Master of Business Administration
bellevue B.A. in Leadership
bellevue B.S. in Business Information Systems
bellevue B.S. in Management
bellevue B.S. in Mgmt. of Human Resources
bellevue B.S. in Mgmt. Information Systems
bellevue B.S. in Marketing Management
bellevue M.A. in Leadership
bellevue M.A. in Management
bellevue Master of Business Administration
benedictine Fully Online MBA
benedictine MBA/Finance
benedictine MBA/International Business
benedictine MBA/Marketing
berkeley A.A.S. Degree Program in BusinessAdministration – Information SystemsManagement
berkeley A.A.S. Degree Program in BusinessAdministration – Management
berkeley A.A.S. Degree Program in BusinessAdministration – Marketing
berkeley A.A.S. Degree Program in InternationalBusiness
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in BusinessAdministration
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in BusinessAdministration – International Business
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in BusinessAdministration – Marketing
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in Management
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in Management -Entrepreneurship
berkeley Bachelor’s Degree in Management -Human Resources Management
bostonu M.S. in Banking and Financial ServicesManagement
bryantstratton Accounting
bryantstratton Business
californiacoast A.S. in Business Administration
californiacoast B.S. in Business Administration
californiacoast B.S. in Management
californiacoast Master of Business Administration
californiacoast MBA – HR Mgmt.
californiapa Master of Arts in Tourism Planningand Development
capellau B.S. in Business
capellau B.S. in Business/Accounting
capellau B.S. in Business/Business Administration
capellau B.S. in Business/Finance
capellau B.S. in Business/HR Management
capellau B.S. in Business/Management & Ldrship.
capellau B.S. in Business/Marketing
capellau MBA/Project Mgmt.
capellau M.S. in Organization and Management
capellau M.S. in Org. & Mgmt/HR Management
capellau M.S. in Org. & Management/IT Mgmt.
capellau M.S. in Organization & Mgmt./Ldrship.
cityuniversity B.S. in Accounting
cityuniversity B.S. in Business Administration
cityuniversity B.S. in Communications
cityuniversity M.A. in Management
cityuniversity M.S. Project Management
cityuniversity Accounting
coleman M.S. in Business and TechnologyManagement
collegenetwork B.S. in Business Administration
collegenetwork B.S. in Finance
collegenetwork B.S. in Marketing
collegenetwork B.S. in Public Administration
collegenetwork Certificate in Assessing New Business Opportunities
collegenetwork Certificate in Business Administration
collegenetwork Certificate in Business Economics
collegenetwork Certificate in Corporate Entrepreneurship
collegenetwork Certificate in Finance and Accounting
collegenetwork Certificate in Implementing Corporate Ventures
collegenetwork Certificate in Marketing and Management
collegenetwork Certificate in Venture Business Planning
collegenetwork Entrepreneurship for Individuals
collegeoftechnology A.A.S. in Accounting SystemsAdministration
collegeoftechnology A.A.S. in Business SystemsAdministration
columbiasouthern A.A.S. in Business
columbiasouthern B.S. in Business Administration
columbiasouthern B.S. in Occupational Safety & Health
columbiasouthern B.S. in Marketing
columbiasouthern Master of Business Administration
ctu B.S.B.A./Finance
ctu B.S.B.A./Health Care Management
ctu B.S.B.A./Information Technology
ctu B.S.B.A./Management
ctu B.S.B.A./Marketing
ctu B.S.B.A./Project Management
ctu Executive MBA
ctu MBA/Health Care Management
ctu MBA/Human Resource Mgmt
ctu M.S. in Management – BusinessManagement
ctu M.S. in Management – Project Mgmt.
denver M.P.S. In Org. Ldrshp., Leadership
denver Project Management
devry B.A. in Business Administration
devry B.A. in Technical Management
devry Bachelor’s in Network & CommunicationsManagement
dmf A.S. in Accounting
dmf A.S. in Business Administration
dmf B.S. in Accounting
dmf B.S. in Business Administration
dmf Master of Business Administration
dmf MBA/General Management
dmf MBA/Human Resources Mgmt.
dmf MBA/International Business
ecornell Executive Leadership
ecornell Human Resources Studies
ecornell Proactive Leadership
ecornell Supervisory Skills
ecornell Executive Leadership Certificate
ecornell Financial Management forNon-Financial Managers
ecornell Human Resources Studies Certificate
ellisnew A.A.S. – Accounting
ellisnew MBA/Accounting and InformationSystems
ellisnew MBA/Finance
ellisnew MBA/Global Management
ellisnew MBA/Health Care Administration
ellisnew MBA/Human Resources Management
ellisnew MBA/Leadership
ellisnew MBA/Mgmt. Information Systems
ellisnew MBA/Management of Technology
ellisnew MBA/Marketing
ellisnew MBA/Professional Accounting
ellisnew MBA/Project Management
ellisnew MBA/Strategy and Economics
everest A.A.S. in Accounting
everest A.A.S. in Business
everglades B.S. in Applied Management
everglades B.S. in Business Administration
everglades B.S. in Construction Management
everglades Masters in Business Administration
floridaatlantic Master of Accounting in ForensicAccounting
floridaatlantic Master of Taxation for Executives
floridanationalcollege A.A. in Business Admin.
gonzaga Master’s in Organization Leadership
grandcanyon B.S. in Accounting
grandcanyon B.S. in Business Administration
grandcanyon B.S. in Marketing
grandcanyon Master’s in Business Administration
grandcanyon MBA/Accounting
grandcanyon MBA/Finance
grandcanyon MBA/Healthcare System Management
grandcanyon MBA/Leadership
grandcanyon MBA/Marketing
grantham B.S. in Business Administration
grantham MBA
grantham MBA – Information Management
grantham MBA – Project Management
herzing A.S. in Business Administration
herzing B.S. Business Administration -Accounting
herzing B.S. Business Administration -Business Management
herzing B.S. Business Administration -Legal Studies
indianabusiness A.A.S./Accounting
indianabusiness A.A.S./Administrative Assistant
indianabusiness A.A.S./Business Administration
indianabusiness A.A.S./Organizational Management
indianabusiness A.A.S./Human Resources
iowacentral Associate of Science in Business
itt Master of Business Administration
jiu B.A. in Business Communications
jiu Bachelor of Business Administration
jiu M.A. in Business Communication
jiu MBA in Finance
jiu MBA in Health Care Management
jiu MBA in Information TechnologyManagement
jiu MBA in Project Management
jiu MBA in Entrepreneurship
jiu MBA in Global Enterprise Management
jiu MBA in Negotiation and Conflict
jonescollege A.S. in Business Administration
jonescollege B.S. in Business Administration
kaplan A.A.S. in Business Administration/Accounting
kaplan A.A.S. in Business Administration/Management
kaplan B.S. in Business
kaplan B.S. in Business/Accounting
kaplan B.S. in Business/Finance
kaplan B.S. in Business/Managementof Information Systems
kaplan B.S. in Management
kaplan B.S. in Management/E-Business
kaplan B.S. in Management/HealthCare Management
kaplan B.S. in Management/Sales & Marketing
kaplan Master of Business Administration
kaplan MBA – Entrepreneurship
kaplan MBA – Finance
kaplan MBA – H.R. Management
kaplan MBA – Information Tech.
kaplan MBA – Marketing
kaplan Executive Coaching Cert.
kaplan Financial Planning Cert.
kaplan Project Mgmt. Cert.
kaplan Risk Mgmt. Cert.
kaplan Certificate in Financial Planning
keiser Associate in Business Administration
keiser Bachelor’s in Business Administration
keiser Bachelor’s in Accounting
keiser Bachelor’s in Business Administration – Human Resources
keiser Bachelor’s in Business Administration – International Business and Trade
keiser Bachelor’s in Business Administration -Marketing
keller Master of Accounting and FinancialManagement
keller Master of Business Administration
keller MBA/Accounting
keller MBA/Finance
keller MBA/Health Services
keller Master of Project Management
keller Master of Public Administration
keller Grad. Cert. in Accounting
kwu B.S. in Business Administration
kwu B.S. in Computer Science
kwu B.S. in E-Business/E-Commerce
kwu B.S. in Finance
kwu B.S. in Management and Leadership
kwu B.S. in Management of Technology
kwu M.S. in Business Administration
kwu M.S. in Computer Science
kwu M.S. in Executive BusinessAdministration
kwu M.S. in Human Resource Management
kwu M.S. in Management of Technology
libertyuniversity M.S. in Accounting
libertyuniversity M.S. in Management
liverpool Master of Business Administration
marylhurst Bachelor of Science in Businessand Leadership
marylhurst Bachelor of Science in Real EstateStudies
marylhurst Master of Business Administration -General Management
marylhurst Master of Business Administration -Healthcare Management
marylhurst Master of Business Administration -Nonprofit Management
minnesotabusiness A.A.S. in Business Administration
minnesotabusiness B.S. in Business Administration
minnesotabusiness Masters in Business Administration
nationalamerican Associate in Applied Management
nationalamerican Associate in Business Administration
nationalamerican Bachelor’s in Applied Management
nationalamerican Bachelor’s in Business Administration
nationalamerican B.S. in Business – Financial Management
nationalamerican B.S. in Business – InformationTechnology
nationalamerican B.S. in Business – International Business
nationalamerican B.S. in Business – Management
nationalamerican B.S. in Business – Marketing
nationalamerican Master of Business Administration
nationaluniversity Bachelor of Arts in Management
nationaluniversity Bachelor of Business Administration
nationaluniversity Bachelor of Science Accountancy
nationaluniversity Master of Business Administration
nationaluniversity Master of Science Electronic Business
nationaluniversity Master of Science OrganizationalLeadership
neu MBA – Criminal Justice Specialization
neu MBA – Finance Specialization
neu MBA – High Technology Specialization
neu MBA – Innovation Entrepreneurship Specialization
neu MBA – International Management Specialization
neu MBA – Operations and Supply Chain Management Specialization
newenglandcollege M.S. in Management – International BusinessConcentration (MSIB)
newenglandcollege Master of Arts in Public Policy
northcentral Bachelor of Business Administration
northcentral B.B.A. in Accounting
northcentral B.B.A. in Management
northcentral B.B.A. in Marketing
northcentral Master of Business Administration
northcentral MBA in International Business
northcentral Doctor of Philosophy in Business Admin.
norwich Master of Business Administration
norwich M.S. in Information Assurance
notredame Advanced Negotiations Certificate
notredame Executive Certificate in Negotiation
notredame Negotiation Essentials Certificate
notredame Strategies for Conflict Mgmt. Cert.
parkuniversity B.S. in Management
parkuniversity B.S. in Mgmt./Computer Info. Sys
parkuniversity B.S. in Mgmt./Health Care
parkuniversity B.S. in Mgmt./Human Resources
parkuniversity B.S. in Mgmt./Marketing
peircecollege Associate in Science in BusinessAdministration
peircecollege Bachelor of Science in BusinessAdministration
phoenix B.S. in Business/Accounting
phoenix B.S. in Business/Administration
phoenix B.S. in Business/E-Business
phoenix B.S. in Business/Finance
phoenix B.S. in Business/Information Systems
phoenix B.S. in Business/Management
phoenix B.S. in Business/Marketing
phoenix B.S. in Business/Public Administration
phoenix B.S. in Business/Retail Management
phoenix Master of Business Administration
phoenix MBA/Accounting
phoenix MBA/Global Management
phoenix MBA/Health Care Management
phoenix MBA/Human Resource Management
phoenix MBA/Marketing
phoenix MBA/Technology Management
phoenix Master of Management
phoenix Doctor of Business Administration
phoenix Doctor of Health Administration
phoenix Doctor of Management inOrganizational Leadership
phoenix Call Center Management Certificate
phoenix Human Resource ManagementCertificate
phoenix Project Management Certificate
rasmussen Associate in Accounting
rasmussen Associate Degree in Business Management
regis B.S. in Business Administration
regis B.S. in Finance
regis B.S. in Marketing
regis B.S. in Accounting
regis Master of Nonprofit Management
regis M.S. in Management
regisua Master of Business Administration
regisua MBA in Marketing
salveregina Master of Business Administration
salveregina MBA/Healthcare
salveregina MBA/International Relations
salveregina MBA/Justice & Homeland Security
salveregina MBA/Law Enforcement Leadership
salveregina MBA/Management
salveregina MBA/Rehabilitation
sanjoaquin A.S. in Business Administration
sanjoaquin Certificate in Business Administration
southernnewhampshire A.S. in Accounting
southernnewhampshire A.S. in Business Administration
southernnewhampshire A.S. in Marketing
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Accounting
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Accounting and Finance
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Business Administration
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Business Studies
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Economics/Finance
southernnewhampshire B.S. in International Business
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Marketing
southernnewhampshire B.S. in Technical Management
southuniversity Bachelor of Business Administration
southuniversity B.B.A./Finance
southuniversity B.B.A./Management & Leadership
southuniversity B.B.A./Marketing
southuniversity MBA in Healthcare Admin
southuniversity Master of Business Admin.
stleo A.A. in Business Administration
stleo B.A. Accounting
stleo B.A. in Business Administration/Accounting
stleo B.A. in Business Administration inHealth Care Management
stleo B.A. in Business Administration/Management
stleomba Online MBA
stleomba Online MBA/Accounting
stleomba Online MBA/Criminal Justice
stleomba Online MBA/Sport Business
stonecliffe Associate’s (ASBA) in Accounting
stonecliffe Associate’s (ASBA) in Management
strayer A.A. in Accounting
strayer A.A. in Business Administration
strayer A.A. in Economics
strayer A.A. in Marketing
strayer Bachelor of Business Administration
strayer B.S. in Accounting
strayer B.S. in International Business
strayer B.S. in Economics
strayer Master of Public Administration
tcnboston Certificate in Project Management
tcnboston Foundations of Project Management
tcnboston Project Management Framework
tcnboston Project Management Professional(PMP) Prep
tcnboston Project Management Certificate
tcnboston Project Management Fundamentals
tcnboston Project Management PMP PrepCertificate
thunderbirdua Executive Certificate in InternationalManagement
thunderbirdua Executive Certificate in InternationalMarketing
tiffin Bachelor of Business Administration
tiffin Bachelor of Criminal Justice in JusticeAdministration
tiffin Master of Business Administration
tulane Business Essentials I Certificate
tulane Business Essentials II Certificate
tulane Advanced Management StrategyCertificate
tulane Master Certificate in BusinessAdministration – Management
tulane Business Essentials I
tulane Master Certificate in Business Mgmt.
ualliance Executive Certificate in Int’l Mgmt.
ualliance Executive Certificate in Int’l Mktg.
umuc B.S. in Accounting
umuc B.S. in Business Administration
umuc B.S. in Human Resource Management
umuc B.S. in Information Systems Mgmt.
umuc B.S. in Management Studies
umuc B.S. in Marketing
una Master of Business Administration
una MBA in Computer Information Systems
una MBA in International Business
una MBA in Management
una MBA in Marketing
una MBA in New Venture Management
uofmary MBA in Health Care
upperiowa B.S. in Accounting
upperiowa B.S. in Business Administration
upperiowa B.S. in Finance
upperiowa B.S. in Human Resource Management
upperiowa B.S. in Management
upperiowa B.S. in Public Administration
upperiowa MBA in Accounting
upperiowa MBA in Corporate Financial Mgmt.
upperiowa MBA in Global Business
upperiowa MBA in Human Resources Management
upperiowa MBA in Organizational Development
upperiowa MBA in Quality Management
utica MBA in Accountancy
utica MBA in Fraud Management
villanova Advanced Contract Management
villanova Advanced Strategic Project Management
villanova Essentials in Commercial Contracting
villanova Essentials in Government Contracting
villanova Essentials of Project Management
villanova Finance & Accounting for the Non-Financial Manager
villanova Human Resources Management
villanova Master’s Certificate in AppliedProject Management
villanova Master’s Cert. in Commercial Contracting
villanova Master’s Cert. in Gov’t Contracting
villanova Master’s Cert. in IS/IT Project Mgmt.
villanova Master’s Cert. in Org. Leadership
villanova Essentials of Information Systems (IS)Security
villanova CISSP Advanced Security Management
villanova Lean Six Sigma
villanova Master Certificate in Business Analysis
villanova Mastering Contract Management
villanova Mastering Project ManagementCertificate
villanova PM Capstone
villanova PMP® Prep Certificate
villanova Project Management for IS/IT Prof.
villanova Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate
villanova Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
villanova Strategic Organizational Ldrshp. Cert.
villanova Human Resource Management
virginiacollege A.S. in Accounting
virginiacollege A.S. in Administrative Office Management
virginiacollege A.S. in Human Resources Management
virginiacollege B.A. in Business Management
virginiacollege B.A. in General Business Studies
virginiacollege B.S. in Private Sector Accounting
virginiacollege Master of Business Administration
waldendm B.S. in Business Administration/Finance
waldendm B.S. in Business Admin./HR Mgmt.
waldendm B.S. in Business Admin./Info. Systems
waldendm B.S. in Business Admin./Management
waldendm B.S. in Business Admin./Marketing
waldendm Master of Business Administration
waldendm MBA/Finance
waldendm MBA/Human Resource Mgmt.
waldendm Master of Public Administration
waldendm M.P.A./Public Policy
waldendm M.P.A./Health Services
waldendm M.P.A./Public Safety Management
waldendm M.P.A./Nonprofit Mgmt. & Ldrshp.
waldendm M.P.A./Public Management & Leadership
waldendm Ph.D. in Applied Management& Decision Sciences
westgov B.S. in Business – HR Management
westgov B.S. in Business – IT Management
westgov B.S. in Business Management
westgov B.S. in Finance
westgov B.S. in Management Accounting
westgov B.S. in Marketing Management
westgov Master of Business Administration
westvirginia M.S. in Integrated Marketing Communications
westwood B.A. in Business Administration/Accounting
westwood B.A. in Business Admin./Mktg. & Sales
westwood B.S. in Computer Network Management
westwood B.S. in E-Business Management
wiu B.A. in Accounting
wiu B.A. in Business
wiu B.S. in Business Administration
wiu B.A. in Human Resource Management
wiu MBA in Finance
wiu MBA in Information Technology
wiu MBA in International Business
wiu MBA in Management
wiu MBA in Marketing
wiu M.S. in Information Technology