Professional Accounting Program  

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Accounting skills are essential to the survival
of practically every kind of organization and
business in all sectors of industry, education
and government today.

More than a million people are employed
in accounting, bookkeeping and auditing jobs
in the United States alone. They keep the
books, mind the inventory, manage the flow of
cash and pay the bills. It�s little wonder that
people with solid skills and training in this
area are so well respected and in-demand.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor,
as the economy grows, the number of business
establishments will increase requiring more
accountants and auditors to set up books,
prepare taxes and provide management advice.
And to ensure corporate finances comply with
the law, management accountants and internal
auditors will increasingly be needed to discover
and eliminate fraud. There should also be
greater demand for government accountants.

Prepare for challenge and variety.

In The Professional Accounting Program,
you�ll receive excellent preparation for your
future career. You�ll learn how to debit and
credit accounts � handle payroll and expenses
� manage the flow of cash � journalize
and post transactions � make bank reconciliations
� prepare and analyze financial statements
� and so much more. By the time you
graduate, you�ll have produced a full set of
books for one complete accounting cycle. The
best part is, you�ll train in the comfort and
convenience of home without disrupting your
personal schedule or lifestyle in any way.

Enjoy step by step training.

Each of your comprehensive lessons guides
you through the step-by-step procedures that
are used in businesses across America.
Our course gives you a strong foundation
of knowledge on which to advance your career.

Learn the secrets now.

Accounting is a highly specialized field,
but its secrets are surprisingly easy to learn.
Soon, you could be a respected member of
the financial team, in a career that offers great
opportunities for fulfillment and reward. Let
PCDI give you the power to succeed today!

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