::  History of Online Degrees
As with any change that people are presented with, online education has had a history that began slow but sped toward the current situation where it has been embraced whole heartedly by students, educators and employers alike.

In the Beginning

Online education evolved with the media that has made it possible. The dawn of the World Wide Web has seen the birth of a study method that reaches may people who would never have had the opportunity to pursue their dreams of a degree before. It was in response to the needs of this vast body of people, that learning institutions began to expand their reach beyond the traditional campus routine. As the direct offspring of viable innovations such as televised classes, correspondence course and community colleges, online study has a great and innovative heritage. As with any new technology or methodology, the beginning years of online education were viewed with slight reservation by the average employer. Tried and true seems to be in keeping with the comfort zones of most employers.

Today’s Acceptance

As with all things, the longer that the results produced remain at a high level of quality, the more they are trusted. So it is with online degree programs. Employers have seen for themselves the quality of employees who come to them with high quality educations obtained through online education. In this world where internet access makes daily life more pleasant and efficient, both employers and students alike see the dependability that online education represents.

Increased Dependability

As the internet has evolved, some of the frustrations of the early pioneers of online study have been overcome. Connectivity has become so dependable that to lose internet connection is now a rarity. The quality of information that is passed over the new high speed lines and cable connections is also vastly improved. It is to the point where the level of technology available to the online student can surpass that of the campus based student. The new technologies of high speed and cable connections have also ensured that the cost of long term internet access is in keeping with the affordability of online education.

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